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Tree Care Services

The study of Arboriculture is both art and science. It combines skill and craftsmanship with knowledge and science. In order to properly diagnose a plant problem or make recommendations. There are many things that an Arborist needs to take into consideration. Whether it’s a plant disease, pest infestation, a commercial complex with a special need, or a construction project, our company can provide the highest level of information and support available. A Certified Arborist needs to be knowledgeable across a broad spectrum of areas ranging from tree anatomy, plant biology soil problems, water management, root disorders, and the latest pests and diseases just to name a few. Because ArborTech is also a pest control company, our staff of Arborists and PHC / IPM technicians are constantly kept informed of any new pests or pathogens that come onto the scene. These are just some benefits of working with our tree care company.

Landscape Construction

ArborTech Tree Care provides a full line of landscape services. Whether it’s a small commercial site or for your home, we will provide the same level of high-quality service our customers have learned to expect. Our landscape division is fully equipped to handle any size project and is on call 24 hours a day to meet any emergency needs that may arise.
Our Landscape team is available for everything from start to finish. Project designs can be drawn in 3-D CAD format so you can visualize what the finished product will look like. Our installation crews are dedicated to providing the highest level of craftsmanship and quality products available. Let ArborTech Tree Care help you with your next project. For more information please call our office at 510-881-8733.

Landscape services bay area
preconstruction services, land clearing, concrete removal


ArborTech constructs and designs a variety of hardscapes, including: ​

  • Arbors, Decks, and Pergolas

  • Decorative Concrete

  • Water Features

  • And Much More! 

With over 30 years of experience, ArborTech Tree Care understands the importance of providing the highest level of quality on any hardscape project. For a complete list of hardscape we can construct and design or a free quote, please feel free to contact us.