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"Well done Team Arbortech"

August 27, 2020  |  Danville, CA  |  Angela A.

We had AborTech out to remove 5 large redwoods that were leaning towards our home. They were very professional, gave me all the confidence with a highly risky removal and I definitely recommend them. See pics. The crane operator was so precise between two homes and the man in the tree was amazing. Crew of 6 and all five trees down in a day. Ron the owner was here most of day and we are already talking of future landscape/hardscape projects with them. They left area very clean. We had 6 companies out to bid, so happy we selected ArborTech as well as the bid was very competitive. Neighbors are asking for their number to do their projects as they were also impressed. Well done Team AborTech.

"We are very pleased with the work"

June 14, 2020  |  Dublin, CA  |  Don C.

We had a great experience with ArborTech Tree Care & Landscape Service.  They replied quickly to our request for a competitive quote and certificate of insurance.  Jim kept in regular email communication.  Once the paperwork was ready, Jim provided a date to start work.  On the scheduled date, a crew showed up at 8:30 a.m., surveyed the area with me, clarified our expectations, and efficiently started the work.  The crew was very professional and well organized.  Once the work was finished, they cleaned the area and returned fencing to its original location.  We are very pleased with the work, Jim and crew.

"They did an amazing job!!!"

June 6, 2020  |  Dublin, CA  |  Aileen G.

They did an amazing job!!! I will use them again if I need anything done!!! They responded quickly when I inquired for my bushes/shrubs that needed to be removed and they we're friendly

"Excellent service"

January 27, 2020  |  Hayward, CA  |  Jerry S.

I took several quotes from tree care specialists for removal of a very large diseased almond tree and pruning and clean up of two very large Mayten trees in my back yard. Arbortech was early for the quote appointment leaving me a very  competitive quote in comparison to several other quotes I received. Arbortech was 15 minutes early the day of the job. Lead specialist Jorge P. reviewed the job with me ahead of starting and explained clearly everything he and his crew planned to do. At different stages of the work he asked me if I wanted to come out and inspect... as they worked. The job was done perfectly as quoted and the yard was left cleaner then when the started. There were no add-ons or up-charges added to the original quote. I will have Arbortech back to replant a replacement tree for the one I had removed.  Excellent service from quote through job completion.


October 7, 2019  |  Hayward, CA  |  Ginny K.

I had 4 trees trimmed by Arbortech last year, 2 of them huge sycamores that hadn't had a real trimming in over 10 years.  The difference in how the trees look is amazing, they didn't bring down the height of my beautiful 50' trees, but thinned them out.  They actually look and feel happier!  Great communication and service. And when they left for the day, there was not a speck of debris to be found on the lawn.  Amazing!

"Highly recommend and will definitely use them again."

Jun 13, 2019  |  Hayward, CA  |  Patricia K.

Had 3 trees and large hedges cut and trimmed today by ArborTech and one of their crews. They did a great job and am very happy with the work. Left the yard clean and in good shape. Thank you to ArborTech crew: Jorge, Andrew and Trinidad! Highly recommend and will definitely use them again.

"ArborTech responded immediately and their prices are more than fair."

Mar 6, 2019  |  Castro Valley, CA  |  Dana T.

We cannot say enough how happy we are with ArborTech. Early this morning we had a MONSTER tree fall in our yard and pool and ArborTech responded immediately and their prices are more than fair. Enrica and his crew were professional, hardworking, knowledgeable and cleaned everything up like it never happened! Hats off the ArborTech!!!

"They arrived on time and did a great job leaving two beautifully shaped trees"

Feb 27, 2019  |  San Jose, CA  |  Neil R.

Had George and Trino trim a couple of large, over grown avocado trees. They arrived on time and did a great job leaving two beautifully shaped trees. When they left all the debris was removed and the job site clean. Much appreciated. Prices are reasonable not the cheapest, but not the most expensive. For the work that's done it's good value for your money.


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"These guys know their stuff, know how to do a proper job, and will definitely get our business again."

Jan 20, 2019  |  Hayward, CA  |  Steve E.

I love trees. One of the reasons I was willing to buy a house in Hayward (I grew up in this school district and know how poor it is) was because of the large backyard with three Deodar Cedars, ranging from about 40 feet to over 50 feet tall. I have had nearly a dozen estimates done over the last 9 years, for tipping back, thinning for light and penetration, canopy raising and weight reduction. I have had a few arborists visit who clearly knew their craft and many who seemed very inexperienced. 
Jim was very knowledgeable, could clearly explain the reasons for what he could and could not do, and was also permitted by the City of Hayward (the city's tree regulations and trimming permits are untenably expensive and annoying). 
I'm not going to lie, I thought the cost was high, but I knew it was in the ballpark of the best arborists I had spoken to, and they have the City Permit, so we hired ArborTech. And let me tell you, there is a big difference between cost and value. What a VALUE!! I'm looking out at my trees right now, about eight months after the work was done... I'm still super happy with the results. I know my trees, I have had other arborists perform work in the past. They look so much better now, I know the sunlight is getting into the interior, and they have less wind resistance now. I'm far less concerned about wind damage.
When the crew showed up, they had about half a dozen guys, all the proper safety rigging, loads of equipment to do a proper job (others had basically just climbed up the middle cutting what they could reach... Not these guys). They were here for more than six hours. Got the three cedars fully done, and a sycamore in front of the house. 
Now, I hate that sycamore. It would be great next to a creek or something, but the HOA's and city's insistence on that tree being in front of my house angers me. It's going to ruin the water and/or sewer pipes, it's already lifting the sidewalk near a fire hydrant, and it drops dangerous pollen balls (and puts out of a ton of pollen all summer and all fall). Jim listened, told me why he couldn't just Pollard the hell out of it, and he was right. In the end, they did make it look much better and brought it back in over the lawn so at least it wouldn't drop so much on the sidewalk and driveway for a while. And I know I won't get a fine from the city.
These guys know their stuff, know how to do a proper job, and will definitely get our business again.

"The companies prices are very competitive and fair"

Dec 17, 2018  |  Livermore, CA  |  Mary C.

Great experience with ArborTech Tree Care. They trimmed 3 trees for us that were all very over-grown. George and crew arrived promptly on time, did a great job trimming the trees, had fantastic communication while doing the job to ensure the job was done to our liking, and left everything super clean. The companies prices are very competitive and fair and service was excellent. I would definitely use their service again and highly recommend them to others.

"They did an excellent job and did a great cleanup"

Nov 29, 2018  |  San Leandro, CA  |  Majid S.

Crew really cares about trees and are friendly and knowledgeable. Had to get a grapefruit, orange, small palm trimmed and a dead tree removed. The trees haven't been trimmed in years. The fruit trees were huge! They did an excellent job and did a great cleanup!

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