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Arborist Services

Trees represent one of the most valuable components your property has to offer. Managing the health of urban trees has always been challenging. Our certified arborist can provide you with the most up-to-date information regarding the health and appearance of your trees.


Arborist Consultation

ArborTech offers arborist consultation services throughout the Bay Area. Whether you're looking to get your tree diagnosed or have any questions regarding your trees, we can help. Consultations can cover such topics as tree value appraisals, tree inventories, and health & hazard assessments. Our arborist has 30+ years of extensive experience in the tree care industry. 

How can an arborist help you?

Healthy trees serve many purposes in your local community. A way for homeowners to ensure their trees stay healthy is by hiring an arborist. Professional, trained arborists know how to properly maintain trees for the safety of the public and the health of the tree.

Trees are an investment that require proper tree care; however, pruning or removing trees, especially large trees, can be dangerous work. Tree work should be done only by those trained and equipped to work safely in trees.

What is a certified arborist?

An ISA arborist certification is a voluntary process by which individuals can document their base of knowledge. Certification provides a measurable assessment of an individual’s knowledge in the competencies needed for proper tree care. 

When a professional becomes an ISA Certified Arborist, they should be recognized by their peers and the public as a tree care professional who has attained a generally-accepted level of knowledge in areas such as tree biology, diagnosis, maintenance practices, safety, and other subject and practice areas within the tree care profession as identified through periodic job task analyses.

Certified arborists must also continue their education to maintain their certification and be up to date on the latest practices.